Dragonvale” is a dragon hatching\raising game similar to “Dragon City” in both graphics and gameplay– especially since the first thing it did when I tried to play was ask me to sign into Facebook (games for Android users are saved to FB, also used for gifting\visiting neighbors). The second thing it did was force close – that’s two strikes before I even got past the title screen.

Speaking of which, the bright, crisp pictures used on the title page and the app page on Google Play are not quite representative of the game’s small, muddy and annoyingly pixelated graphics. The graphics and sound are nice, but the lack of zoom in\out feature can make placing buildings\habitats harder than it needs to be. Like DC, this game also has a tendency to overly-encourage gem use (yes, I’m aware that’s how these games make money), and locked out all options until I completed the “send a gift to your neighbors” quest (I wasn’t signed in at the time).

I know the social aspect is important to the game, but, personally, I prefer play my Facebook games on Facebook. I’m sure my friends will be impressed by my dragon hatching prowess. You know, if they cared about that sort of thing.

“Dragonvale” was developed by Backflip Studios and is available for free in the App Store and Google Play. **½ out of 5

Dragon Gem” is a match-three game. There’s a dragon on the title screen, and Yoshi eggs drop into the top of the screen, but I’m not sure how the generically catchy surf rock soundtrack relates to their theme (in fact, it reminded me of “Beach Buggy Blitz”).  Sure, the board changes shape with each level, and the pretty backgrounds are occasionally switched out, but this is still your standard, average “Bejeweled” clone (minus the “Creepy Voice Guy,” but the vaguely medieval music from the NDS version would have been a much better fit here).

I didn’t encounter any major bugs, but I still think the developers could have done with their theme.

“Dragon Gen” was developed by ITREE GAMER and is available in the Google Play store. *** out of 5

Tap Dragon Park” is a cute, cartoonish dragon breeding\battling game from the developers of “Tap Safari.” The graphics and sound are better, but the only real difference in gameplay is the addition of a simplistic battle system. It doesn’t help that this game also has its own share of responsiveness problems.

Aside from these two problems is the fact that the game just isn’t interesting. You buy an egg, you wait for it to hatch than you wait even longer while your wizards train and when that’s done they “transform” and are ready for the game’s elemental, slots-style battle system. There’s also a somewhat rudimentary story about protecting the king’s gold pile from trolls, but it isn’t all that exciting either. Like “Safari,” you can both crossbreed (called “mixing” in game vernacular) as well as collect gold from your dragons every few hours.

This game can be fun in short bursts, but don’t expect to be blown away by it.

“Tap Dragon Park” was developed by Pocket Gems and is available for free in the Google Play store. ** out of 5